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Q: how can we find out the percetage of available chlorine in sodium hypochlorite of 15%purity?
A: Standard practice is to use an iodometric titration. Potassium iodide is added to the sodium hypochlorite solution, it is acidifi...
Q: Do you recommend a dedicated perchloric acid hood with a washdown system for performing titrations using a 0.1 N solution of perchloric acid in glacial acetic acid at room temperature?
A: No. The only time you need a dedicated perchloric acid hood is when perchloric acid is heated to the point where it has an apprec...
Q: Is the perchloric acid 70%, 70 wt% or 70 vol%?
A: The concentration of perchloric acid is determined on a w/w basis (70 g perchloric acid in 100 g of solution).
Q: Can we prepare dilutions of AMCO turbidity standards? If so, are there any special techniques or precautions we need to be aware of?
A: AMCO turbidity standards generally cannot be diluted because of the nature of the turbidity scale. The scale was developed using ...
Q: Please elaborate what is the difference between the In-Spec UV Standard #1 through #8, #20, and #30. I am trying to determine if these will meet our needs.

Thanks you.
A: The difference in the various In-Spec Standards is the concentration level of the solution. As the value increases the absorbance...
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