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The new GFS Chemicals catalog will be in print soon. The GFS catalog is full of useful information for:

For Organic Chemists
Low hydrate metal perchlorates for more effective promotion of moisture sensitive organic reactions
Expanded reference to the use of LiClO4 in organic synthesis
New Acetylenics and Iodo-compounds

For Biochemists and Life Scientists
New fluorophores used as a surrogate dye to label natural products, proteins, oligonucleotides and carbohydrates, thereby uniting the synthetic chemist with biological analysis

For Material Scientists and Inorganic Chemists
Nanodispersions of metal oxides produced by proprietary flow reactor technology
Single phase calcium phosphates for bone regeneration studies
Ionophores for sensor technologies

For Analytical Chemists
Expanded WaterMark® line and a new edition of the GFS Karl Fischer handbook
More uses for the styrene-divinyl benzene submicron polymer calibration standards (stable AMCO Clear® and In-Spec® aqueous suspensions)