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  Ask the Chemist
Q: Can we prepare dilutions of AMCO turbidity standards? If so, are there any special techniques or precautions we need to be aware of?
A: AMCO turbidity standards generally cannot be diluted because of the nature of the turbidity scale. The scale was developed using formazin which is truly non-linear when diluted. Because the particles used to make AMCO turbidity standards are smaller and of uniform size and shape, dilutions are optically linear, which keeps them from matching formazin’s turbidity scale. We prepare each standard to the formazin value based on the turbidity scale and each specific instrument’s reaction to our turbidity standards.

That said, dilutions of values of 40 NTU and under may be performed utilizing our GFS 8000 turbidity free water as it contains the necessary additives to ensure stability of the product. It has been shown that the turbidity scale is equal between 1 and 40 NTU. Please be certain to order the 40 NTU standard that has been developed for your particular instrument design.