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Specialty Organics for Pharmaceutical

GFS Chemicals has become highly recognized as a leader in the manufacture of specialty organics for the pharmaceutical industry.
We have the ability to produce the highest quality organic intermediates and building blocks through the drug development process from bench scale quantities through commercial production. We work with small independent development companies and major pharmaceutical companies.
Specialty alcohols, alkynes, phenyl acetylene, TMS acetylene and propargylamine are a few of our products used in pharmaceuticals.
GFS Manufactures for a variety of products for the pharmaceutical industry (including but not limited to):

·         3-methyl-1-butyne
·         2-butyn-1-ol,
·         1-bromo-2-butyne
·         3-butyn-1-ol
·         3-methyl-3-oxetanemethanol
For more information contact:
David Baust – General Manager
 GFS Organic Specialties
614-224-5013 extension 103