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Solutions & Reagents for Environmental Analysis

For many years, GFS Chemicals has provided analytical chemists with many specialized solutions for environmental analysis. GFS supplies standardized oxidants and reductants, metal and common anion standards, standards and acids, bases and buffers, ICP and AA standards, pollution and environmental multi-element kits, ultra pure salts useful as matrix modifiers and ionization buffers.

Surface and Ground Waters Drinking Water Wastewater Soils Biosolids
GFS manufactures a wide variety of products for environmental applications:
 Wide range of products for Spectroscopy
 In-Spec® UV/Vis Spectrophotometer Reference Materials
 Veritas® High Purity Trace Metal Acids and Solvents
 pH Reference Buffers in defined or customized ranges
 AMCO Clear® Turbidity Standards
 Primary Standard salts
 Normality Solutions
 Dyes and Indicators
 HPLC/GC/UV-Vis Solvents
 Conductivity Standards
 Custom Standards
 AA and ICP Standard Solutions
 Anion Standard Solutions
 Organic Halogen Reagent - OHR
 Standard Solutions for Trace Metal Analysis
 All ACS Reagents
 ASTM Type I De-ionized water

Quality guaranteed to meet specifications published
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Fast delivery-- most products ship within 24 hours
ISO 9001-2008 Certified
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No hazardous material fees

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Environmental & Soil Testing & Drinking Water
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