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Mehlich III -Three options: Ready to Use, Concentrate Kits & Raw Component Chemicals

Mehlich-III, the most widely used extraction solution for soil analysis, can now be ordered directly from GFS Chemicals.

It is available in a two component Concentrate Kit, as a Ready to Use Solution and as Raw Component Chemicals.

Mehlich-III solution provides a way to accurately determine levels of potassium, calcium, manganese, copper, zinc, boron, sulfur, and phosphorous. Order now for your upcoming spring season.

Pricing Link to BUY NOW

Pricing on the Mehlich-III concentrate kits (SKU 20351)

• Buying 23 kits or less:  $92.60/kit
• Buying 24 kits or more:  $70.10/kit

 Pricing on the Mehlich-III Ready-to-use Solution

• (SKU 19052) 4x4L  $88.20
• (SKU 19053) 20L carboy  $94.70

Can we assist you with any of your other chemical needs? GFS can create custom solutions to your specifications. Your product will receive a special SKU. 

We guarantee consistent quality from lot-to-lot. Let us make your life easier. No premixing or measuring or mess to clean up.

For more information, contact

Mindi Broock-Spence

Sales Specialist - Environmental and Soil Testing

800-838-5567 extension 125 or

740-881-5440 extension 125