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Support for University Research Centers for Advanced Materials Development

GFS Chemicals has been supporting the needs for research chemists since 1928. The founder G. Fredrick Smith made significant contributions in the areas of applied analytical chemistry and commercialization and wrote over 30 monographs that are still popular today (see below). 85 years later his company provides fine chemicals and technologies for universities and research facilities around the globe in organic, inorganic and analytical chemistry.
Here are just a few areas where GFS is supplying technology, manufacturing expertise and research, pilot or production scale support:
Pharmaceutical/Biotech/Contract Research Organics 
GFS understands the demanding needs of the Pharmaceutical industry. We focus our efforts on batch to batch reproducibility to ensure our product profiles remain consistent. Optimization is an early focus in development so process changes are minimized as products move to the production floor.  Examples include: Catalysts, Oxidizers Specialty alcohols, alkynes, phenyl acetylene, TMS acetylene and propargylamine are a few of our products used in pharmaceuticals.
Chemicals for polymer research 
GFS Chemicals products have been used as building blocks and intermediates for the manufacture of high temperature and high performance polymers. They have also found application in the field of nanotechnology. Applicable products include phenyl acetylene and TMS acetylene. There are a growing number of literature references for the use of acetylenic intermediates in organic synthesis from” Click Chemistry” to specialty polymers.
Pheromone Precursor Raw Materials 
Our liquid ammonia technologies enable the synthesis of long chain internal and terminal alkynes, alkynols and specialty olefins used as pheromone precursors.
This technology includes: 10, 12, 14 and 16 carbon olefinic alcohols, acetates and aldehydes, Long chain diynoic acids, Liquid ammonia/alkalai metal chemistries for the production of alkynes (acetylenes) and olefinic and specialty alkyklations ,Terminal Alkynes, Alkyn-ols, Halo-silyl alkynes.
Pesticide, Fungicide and Insecticide Building Blocks
GFS Chemicals products have been used as building blocks and intermediates for the manufacture of pesticides and insecticides. Examples of products used include specialty alcohols, terminal and internal alkynes, cis/trans olefins, unsaturated acids, and alkynylamines.
Advanced Electronics Applications including:
Supporting the latest research coming out of the lab and the newest product developments in emerging markets like printed electronics, photovoltaics, and organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) for displays and lighting. 
Advancement of Cerium  III and IV Chemistry
This year GFS introduced new U.S. manufactured materials for Cerium III and Cerium IV Chemistry as a direct result of the recent global cerium shortage.
Mongraphs include subjects such as: Phenanthrolines and Substituted Phenanthrolines, Li & Mg ClO4 Uses, Calcein/Calmagite, Dehydration Studies, Cerate Oxidimetry, Periodic Acid & Periodates, Acid Base Titrations, Wet Chemical Oxidization, Versatile Properties of Perchloric Acid, Copper Reagents, Iron Reagents, Perchloric & Perchlorates, Standard Substances & Solutions, Karl Fischer:Moisture Measurement
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