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Manufacturing Inorganic Compounds in multi-ton quantities

Using proprietary technology, the GFS Chemical Inorganic division can manufacture and adapt our core chemistries to meet your specifications for drum to multi-ton quantities.

Some key products include:

Perchloric Acid
Magnesium Perchlorate
 Strontium Perchlorate
 Lithium Perchlorate
 Sodium Perchlorate
 Potassium Perchlorate
 Nitrate Salts
 Nitric Acid
 Strontium Nitrate
 Cerium Nitrate
 Rubidium Nitrate
 Cobalt Nitrate
 Ferric Nitrate
 Silver Nitrate
 Potassium Acid Phthalate
 Potassium Chlorate
 Potassium Periodate
 Sodium Periodate
 Lithium Carbonate
 Lithium Iodide
 Cadmium Chloride
 Cadmium Nitrate
 Oxalic Acid
 Sodium Oxalate
 Potassium Oxalate

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