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Petrochemical Analysis

GFS manufactures organic and inorganic compounds and lab reagents for petrochemical analysis, research studies, synthesis and testing. The more you know about GFS, the more clearly you will see the benefits from making us your preferred chemical supplier.The GFS Chemicals manufacturing operation specializes in adapting core chemistries to customer specifications.

Using our proven technology to customize your
product, we create customer specific item numbers and SKUs to streamline and safe guard your process. Our formalized and repeatable ISO manufacturing ensures you get the same exact material every time. We package according to your requirements in small packages through drums.
GFS manufactures a variety of products for the petrochemical testing industry (including but not limited to):

·         Watermark® Karl Fischer Reagents
·         OHR Organic Halogen Reagent/Sodium Biphenyl for Halide testing
·         Phenol
·         AA and ICP Standards
·         Titration Chemicals
·         Caustics and Drying Agents
·         Magnesium Perchlorate for Sulfur Analyzers
·         Calcium Chloride, Sodium Chloride
·         Chlorides, Carbonates, Nitrates, Perchlorates
·         Sodium Hydroxide
·         Hydrogen Sulfide
·         ACS Reagent Acids and High Purity Acids
·         In-Spec® UV Vis Absorption Standards, Transmittance Standards, Color Standards
·         Iodine
·         Phosphate
·         Conductivity Standards
·         Solvents
·         AMCO Clear® Turbidity Standards
·         Nitrates, Chlorides, Phosphates
·         Specialty Acetylenes, Silanes, Olefins, Heterocycles
·         Heavy Metals

For more information contact:

Michelle Hembree – Account Specialist

1-800-838-5567 ext. 132