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Organic Facility Information

Total GFS manufacturing capacity exceeds 100,000 liters for the combined production of specialty chemicals. GFS is ISO-9001:2000 certified.
The heart of our organic chemical manufacturing is a 14,000 square foot, indoor, state-of-the-art product facility in Columbus, Ohio - open since 2000. This new chemical plant demonstrates GFS Chemicals' investment to specialty organic chemicals.
Types of Chemistry
We can perform these types of chemistries: acetylenes and olefins; halogenation/dehydrohalogenation; Grignard,  alkylation; amination; bromination, chlorination, Birch reductions, esterification; epoxidation; Skraup quinoline syntheses; and low pressure hydrogenation.
Batch Unit Operations
Batch unit operations include: batch reactions; non-reactive mixing; extraction; filtration; centrifugation; crystallization and drying (tray and rotary vacuum); distillation and stripping; and sublimation (kilo lab scale).
Bulk Chemical Handling
We are capable of handling these bulk chemicals: anhydrous liquid ammonia; destabilized acetylene; sodium/lithium and corresponding amides; bromine; iodine; ethylene oxide; thionyl chloride; sulfuryl chloride; chlorosulfonic acid; hydrogen sulfide; sodium cyanide; liquid nitrogen; carbon disulfide trimethylchlorosilane and organosilanes.  
Manufacturing Equipment
"Kilo" Laboratory: Glassware up to 50 liters. Processing is carried out in walk-in lab hoods and bench top hoods. Distillation columns from 1” x 1' to 2.5” x 6'.
Production Plant Reactors & Capacities
     *Glass Lined Steel: 10, 25, 30, 50, 100, 500 gallons, 1000 gallons
     *Type 316L Stainless Steel: 50 liter; 50 and 200 gallons (to 150 psi)
      *Hastelloy C Alloy: up to 500 gallons

All reactors are equipped with 75 psi steam/refrigerated propylene glycol/well water jackets and well  water/refrigerated propylene glycol condensers
- 30 gallon glass-lined pot/4” x 4' column w/receiver (column  internals: structured glass packing)
- 50 gallon glass-lined pot/4” x 8' column w/receiver (column internals: structured glass packing)
- 50 gallon glass-lined pot/4” x 10' column w/receiver (column internals: Type 316L random packing)
- 100 gallon Type 316L pot/50 theoretical plate (column internals:  Type 316L random packing)
- Pope 4” Wiped Film Still w/feed tank & receiver
- 500 gallon glass lined pot/ 4”x 4’ column with receiver
All distillation equipment capable of full vacuum operation
Other Plant Equipment
- 30” x 18” Tolhurst basket Hastelloy centrifuge
- Glass-lined and Type 316 stainless steel rotary vacuum dryers          (5 cu. ft. - 110 cu. ft)
- 42” x 24” Type 316 Tolhurst basket centrifuge (planned expansion)
- 24” x 12” Type 316 Tolhurst basket centrifuge
- Three fume handling vent scrubbers (3000– 9000 cfm)
--Gas heat transfer system for near-cryogenic cooling capability
- Emergency vent and containment system  
Quality Control/Analytical Equipment
 Karl Fischer
 Melting point
 Ion Chromatography
Miscellaneous Manufacturing Information
Handling capacity. We are able to handle: liquefied gases, refrigerants, and reactive materials such as acetylene and propargyl compounds, olefins, ethylene oxide, silanes, and most solvents including carbon disulfide.   
Product separation and purification techniques.  Includes custom- built distillation systems, as well as thin film and rotary evaporators. Various centrifuge and drying stations are equipped for the bulk handling of a wide range of organic intermediates and salts of organic acids.

Purity profiles. For both raw materials and finished goods are maintained through advanced analytical instrumentation that includes GCMass Spectrometry and HPLC.  

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