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AMCO Clear Turbidity Standards

AMCO Clear® turbidity standards are recognized by the US EPA as a Primary Standard for the calibration of turbidity meters.

Our Amco Clear® turbidity standards are traceable to NIST Primary Standards on account of their consistent particle size and photometric accuracy via UV-VIS spectroscopy. Each lot is normalized to historical lots which were formulated to dilutions of ISO17034 4000 NTU Formazin.  Use the AMCO Product search below to match your intstrument and model to the correct standard for your application!

AMCO Clear Turbidity Standards GFS Chemicals

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AMCO Clear Turbidity Standards GFS Chemicals

HF Scientific Reference Items

HF Scientific Reference Brochere

AMCO turbidity standards are instrument specific. Find the Right AMCO product to match the HF Scientific instrument you have by clicking here and downloading our brochure.

Hach Reference Materials

Hach turbidity meters are common instrument in any lab. If you are looking for an alternative product, download our new brochure to help you find the correct item for your application and instrument.

LaMotte Reference Materials

LaMotte Brochere

Using a LaMotte instrument and searching for the correct turbidity standard, try GFS AMCO Clear as your go to option with its superior quality and competitive price. Look here to find the correct material designed for your instrument.