GFS Veritas Ultimate

Veritas Ultimate, Trace Metal Grade Acids

Veritas Ultimate PPT Trace Metal grade acids are distilled using proprietary technology that can produce the purest acids for trace metal analysis in the world. The entire process is controlled by sophisticated, state-of-the-art automation paired with next generation process controls and analytics that ensure the highest quality material with the minimal variation. Our distillation process runs 24 hours/day, 7 days a week, which allows GFS Chemicals to handle large volume orders and requests.


Veritas Ultimate

Veritas Ultimate PPT acids come with a batch specific CofA that lists a minimum of 65 elements with a maximum of 10 PPT or less for all 65 elements. The bottles used for the PPT grade acid are made from FEP (Fluorinated ethylene propylene) plastic and are conditioned to remove any trace metals from the plastic. Select an acid below to learn more.

GFS Chemicals offers Trace Metal Grade Sulfuric Acid, Trace Metal Grade Hydrochloric Acid, Trace Metal Grade Nitric Acid


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Hydrochloric Acid, PPT Grade, Veritas Ultimate
SKU 72110
Hydrochloric Acid, PPT Grade, Veritas Ultimate


Low PPT Trace metals 
Consult SDS before use. Not for direct food, drug or cosmetic use. For details go to For sale by GFS and its authorized dealers only. 
Mol Wt.
Package Size
250 ml 
DEA Controlled
Chem. Form.
12/17/2022 4:44:56 AM 
Company Brand Material Item Number GFS Veritas #
BDH Aristar® Plus Acetic Acid 7150
BDH Aristar® Plus Perchloric Acid 7140
BDH Aristar® Plus Hydrofluoric Acid 7130
BDH Aristar® Plus Sulfuric Acid 7120
BDH Aristar® Plus Hydrochloric Acid 7110
BDH Aristar® Plus Nitric Acid 7100
BDH Aristar® Ultra Acetic Acid 7250
BDH Aristar® Ultra Perchloric Acid 7240
BDH Aristar® Ultra Hydrofluoric Acid 7230
BDH Aristar® Ultra Sulfuric Acid 7220
BDH Aristar® Ultra Hydrochloric Acid 7210
BDH Aristar® Ultra Nitric Acid 7200
JT Baker Instr-Analyzed™ Plus Nitric Acid 9368 7100
JT Baker Instr-Analyzed™ Plus Hydrochloric Acid 9385 7110
JT Baker Instr-Analyzed™ Plus Sulfuric Acid 9390 7120
JT Baker Instr-Analyzed™ Plus Hydrofluoric Acid 9387 7130
JT Baker Instr-Analyzed™ Plus Perchloric Acid 9359 7140
JT Baker Instr-Analyzed™ Plus Acetic Acid 9375 7150
Millipore Sigma OmniTrace Ultra™ Nitric Acid NX0408 7200
Millipore Sigma OmniTrace Ultra™ Acetic Acid AX0078 7250
Millipore Sigma OmniTrace Ultra™ Hydrochloric Acid HX0608 7210
Millipore Sigma OmniTrace Ultra™ Hydrofluoric Acid HX0628 7230
Millipore Sigma OmniTrace Ultra™ Perchloric Acid PX0398 7240
Millipore Sigma OmniTrace Ultra™ Sulfuric Acid SX1248 7220
Millipore Sigma OmniTrace® Nitric Acid NX0407 7100
Millipore Sigma OmniTrace® Hydrochloric Acid HX0607 7110
Millipore Sigma OmniTrace® Sulfuric Acid SX1247 7120
Millipore Sigma OmniTrace® Hydrofluoric Acid HX0627 7130
Millipore Sigma OmniTrace® Perchloric Acid PX0397 7140
Millipore Sigma OmniTrace® Acetic Acid AX0077 7150
Thermo Scientific Optima™ Nitric Acid A467 7200
Thermo Scientific Optima™ Hydrochloric Acid A466 7210
Thermo Scientific Optima™ Sulfuric Acid A468 7220
Thermo Scientific Optima™ Hydrofluoric Acid A463 7230
Thermo Scientific Optima™ Perchloric Acid A469 7240
Thermo Scientific Optima™ Acetic Acid A465 7250
Thermo Scientific Optima™ Hydrobromic Acid A471 7260
Supelco Suprapure® Nitric Acid 100441 7100
Supelco Suprapure® Hydrochloric Acid 100318 7110
Supelco Suprapure® Sulfuric Acid 100714 7120
Supelco Suprapure® Hydrofluoric Acid 100355 7130
Supelco Suprapure® Perchloric Acid 100517 7140
Supelco Suprapure® Acetic Acid 100066 7150
Thermo Scientific TraceMetal™ Nitric Acid A509 7100
Thermo Scientific TraceMetal™ Hydrochloric Acid A508 7110
Thermo Scientific TraceMetal™ Sulfuric Acid A510 7120
Thermo Scientific TraceMetal™ Hydrofluoric Acid A513 7130
Thermo Scientific TraceMetal™ Perchloric Acid A511 7140
Thermo Scientific TraceMetal™ Acetic Acid A507 7150
Fluka TraceSelect™ Nitric Acid 84385 7100
Fluka TraceSelect™ Hydrochloric Acid 08256 7110
Fluka TraceSelect™ Sulfuric Acid 84716 7120
Fluka TraceSelect™ Hydrofluoric Acid 47559 7130
Fluka TraceSelect™ Perchloric Acid 77227 7140
Fluka TraceSelect™ Acetic Acid 45727 7150
Fluka TraceSelect™ Ultra Nitric Acid 02650 7200
Fluka TraceSelect™ Ultra Hydrochloric Acid 96208 7210
Fluka TraceSelect™ Ultra Sulfuric Acid 77239 7220
Fluka TraceSelect™ Ultra Hydrofluoric Acid 12415 7240
Fluka TraceSelect™ Ultra Perchloric Acid 07692 7250
Supelco Ultrapur® Nitric Acid 101518 7200
Supelco Ultrapur® Hydrochloric Acid 101514 7210
Supelco Ultrapur® Sulfuric Acid 101516 7220
JT Baker Ultrex® II Nitric Acid 6901 7200
JT Baker Ultrex® II Hydrochloric Acid 6900 7210
JT Baker Ultrex® II Sulfuric Acid 6902 7220
JT Baker Ultrex® II Hydrofluoric Acid 6904 7230
JT Baker Ultrex® II Perchloric Acid 4806 7240
JT Baker Ultrex® II Acetic Acid 6903 7250