ACS & HPLC Solvents


GFS Chemicals solvents offer exceptional value and superior quality for any lab application. Our customers know that we are committed to the highest purity requirements for today's most discriminating needs.


GFS focuses on high purity solvents because we know your critical applications require accurate, reliable and reproducible restuls. GFS' products start with high quality raw materials and are quality control tested throughout the purification process to ensure the first bottle and the last bottle are the same. Products are sub-micron filtered to ensure low baseline noise and eliminate potential pump blockages. GFS' high purity solvents are application and function tested to ensure lot-to-lot consistency, for confidence you can trust.

  • HPLC for discriminant instrumentation needs
  • VERITAS® for critical applications such as residue analysis
  • LC gradient grade materials
  • Ultimate grade - meets or exceeds specifications for HPLC, GC/GC-MS, LC/LC-MS, and UV-Vis


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