Heavy Metal Compounds

With decades of experience in manufacturing inorganic chemicals, GFS Chemicals is a world-renown manufacturer of heavy metal compounds. We provide a wide selection of heavy metal compounds including; cadmium chloride, cupriethylenediamine, cupric perchlorate, lead chromate, lead perchlorate, nickel ammonium sulfate, nickel perchlorate, zinc nitrate, and zinc perchlorate.


GFS Chemicals dedicates over 1,000 gallons of reactor capacity to the production of heavy metal salts and solutions. In addition to testing for all of the specifications listed in our certificate of analysis, we run full ICP-OES trace metal testing on every batch to ensure that trace metal profiles remain consistent and align with our customers' rigorous expectations.

Whether you are looking for salts or solutions of lead, zinc, cadmium, or a variety of other heavy metals, reach out to GFS Chemicals to learn how to leverage our capabilities to stabilize your supply chain.


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