GFS Chemicals alkali and lithium metal Compounds, Inorganic Chemistry

Lithium & Alkali Metals

GFS Chemicals has been manufacturing high purity inorganic compounds for nearly a century. Our product portfolio includes a full range of sodium, lithium, potassium, rubidium, and cesium salts and solutions manufactured in metric ton lot sizes, typically starting at the ACS Reagent Grade purity level. A sampling of our core manufactured items include primary standard quality KHP, anhydrous lithium perchlorate for battery electrolyte applications, and anhydrous lithium iodide.

This expertise in high purity salt production, coupled with our diverse drying technologies and dry room packaging capabilities, allows us to offer our customers the low trace metal and low moisture salts they need, with batch to batch consistency that can be counted on for the most demanding applications.

lithium and alkali metal Compounds manufacturing
Dry room packaging area capable of producing < 8% relative humidity.


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