GFS Chemicals Rare Earth Compounds, Inorganic Chemistry

Rare Earth Compounds

GFS Chemicals' Inorganics division has a long history of manufacturing and producing rare earth chemistries for various industries around the globe. Some of our most popular selections include; ceric ammonium nitrate, ceric nitrate, ceric sulfate, cerous chloride, cerium & perchloric acid etchants, gadolinium nitrate, lanthanum chloride, lanthanum nitrate, and yttrium nitrate.

GFS Chemicals has manufactured rare earth salts and solutions at our production facility in Columbus, Ohio since the early 1950's. We bring decades of experience in making chemicals such as ceric ammonium nitrate for electronics applications and cerous chloride for use in catalysis.

We specialize in cerium, lanthanum, and yttrium chemistry, but we are proud to offer a wide variety of rare earth salts and solutions to support your most challenging applications.

Rare Earth Compounds manufacturing


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