Synthetic Organic Technology

GFS Chemicals is an ISO 9001:2015 certified U.S. manufacturer of fine and specialty organic chemicals and a recognized leader in the production of alkyne building blocks. GFS operates a state-of-the-art, 14,000 square foot facility in Columbus, OH, USA to support its portfolio of nearly 1,200 commercial and developmental products.

GFS is a full-service partner capable of supporting business from research and pilot plant scale to bulk quantities. We serve small companies & Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries, including pharmaceuticals, electronics, flavors and fragrances segments where high purity and unique specifications are critical.

A unique focus on alkynes and olefins as useful building blocks for organic synthesis make GFS an ideal partner in the development and commercialization of emergent technologies.


Core Organic Technologies

  • Alkyne Chemistry
  • Specialty Olefins
  • Organometallic Chemistry (Mg, Li, Na)
  • Halogen Chemistry (Cl, Br, I)
  • TMS, THP, BOC Protection
  • Heteroaromatic Compounds


Core Organic Products from Grams to Tons

  • 1-butyne/3-butyn-1-ol
  • 1-bromo-2-butyne/1-bromo-2-pentyne
  • 1-hexyne/1-heptyne
  • 1-octyne/1-pentyne
  • 7-octyn-1-ol/9-decyn-1-ol
  • 3,3-dimethyl-1-butyne/1,4-cyclohexadiene
  • Propargylamine/Phenylacetylene
  • Trans-2-pentene/(Triisopropylsilyl)acetylene