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GFS Chemicals Renews ISO Certifications for 2016


GFS Chemicals successfully renewed the accreditation by A2LA of the ISO 17025:2005 (Certificate #3336.01).  On another note, external auditor URS has recommended extension of our registration of ISO 9001: 2008 certification to 2016 (Certificate# 1348/A001/UK/En).


  Harry Ruska, General Manager for the Analytical Division stated, “The A2LA accreditation experience has been valuable for the company. Customers benefit from a greater level of confidence in our results because of the implementation of standardized and traceable testing processes. The A2LA assessment validates and audits our technical competency for the In-Spec®, UV/Vis Validation Standards, AMCO Clear® Turbidity Standards, pH Buffers, and Conductivity Standards.”


  “Through continuous improvement initiatives, the organization is experiencing improvements in overall quality,” commented Ian McCormick, General Manager of Shared Services. "Not only has GFS made strides with its ISO renewals, another 10% of our staff has achieved Six Sigma Executive Green Belt or higher levels of expertise."



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Jyothi Pisipati, Marketing Director

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